EAA Chapter 1454

Fitchburg Pilots Association (at KFIT)
563 Crawford Street, Fitchburg MA 01420

FPA/EAA Young Eagles Details

Date: TBA

Time: 9 AM to 1 PM

Place: Our FPA Hangar at Fitchburg Airport

Ages: 8-17

We hold two Young Eagles events a year, in May and September. Check our online calendar to find out when the next Young Eagles events will be scheduled.

The Flight Experience

Your Young Eagles® flight will last approximately 20 minutes and you will see the Fitchburg area in a new and exciting way. This is your chance to experience the freedom of flight that many people only dream about.  Many people remember this experience for the rest of their lives. You will, too!

1. On the ground: Your pilot explains what will happen during the flight. You may talk about the airplane, review an aeronautical chart (or map), and complete a careful “walk-around” preflight inspection of the airplane.
2. Just before takeoff: Your pilot explains the interior of the airplane, including the operation of the aircraft door, safety belts, and instrument panel.
3. In the air: The flight lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. And, if you want, your pilot may let you take the controls!
4. Back on the ground: There’s more time for you to ask questions about the flight. Your pilot is happy to tell you more about flying and their particular airplane.

About the EAA Young Eagles Program

Founded in 1992, the Young Eagles program has dedicated 25 years to giving youth ages 8–17 their first free ride in an airplane.

It’s the only program of its kind, with the sole mission to introduce and inspire kids in the world of aviation.

Today, the Young Eagles program has flown over 2 million kids with the help of EAA’s network of volunteer pilots and ground volunteers. For more information, click here.


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