EAA Chapter 1454

Fitchburg Pilots Association (at KFIT)
563 Crawford Street, Fitchburg MA 01420

What is the Program all about?

The EAA Eagle Flights program is about our sharing a hands-on flight experience with adults who have expressed an interest in aviation. It is not a program for adults to simply get an airplane ride during a Young Eagles rally. Instead, it leads you to the resources and organizational support to share the fun of flying with friends, family members, and co-workers - something many of our members already do. And, it's an opportunity for us to invite new participants into our local aviation community.

Who "qualifies" for the Eagle Flights Program?

Any person 18 years of age or older who has expressed an interest in learning to fly. Adults who contact us about participating in the Eagle Program are asked some questions about their aviation interest to help us determine if they are serious about pilot certification. Our Chapter will then provide them with all of the mentoring that we can to help them get grounded in the aviation world.

Any time, please feel free to contact our Eagles Program Manager, Mark Estabrook, from here.

For more information from directly from EAA on the EAA Eagle Flights program, go here.

The FPA/EAA Eagles Program

The FPA/EAA Eagles Program is an informal mentoring program designed to welcome and encourage adults who want to discover or re-discover flying, but don’t know how or where to take that first step. It sometimes begins with a free introductory flight experience - a hands-on introduction where you’ll fly with one of our FPA/EAA member pilots who will let you follow along at the controls of the airplane to get a feel for what being a pilot is all about.
Our "Eagle mentors" will help you learn more about how to get involved in our local aviation community, including the next steps you can take on the path to becoming a pilot or returning to the flying world.
The best part? The whole experience is free. No sales. No pressure. Just a whole lot of fun and education with a big take-home point: Your dream of flying is a lot closer than you think. 

Our next Eagles Meeting (to be announced)...

...for members AND non-members who ARE NOT certificated pilots but are interested in getting their pilots license and are 18 years & older.

We hold EAA Eagles Program meetings that the public is invited to attend for an open discussion about what getting a license is all about, what flying is all about and how you can take the first steps towards getting your license. If you have an interest to continue from there, we'll pair you up with an Eagle Mentor who can provide encouragement, coaching and mentoring during your journey towards a private pilot's license! Snacks will be provided. Feel free to bring a friend!

Set your GPS to 563 Crawford Street, Fitchburg MA; upon entering the airport, go straight ahead and and at the bottom of the short entry, the Fitchburg Airport Terminal Building is straight ahead with a large parking lot; our FPA Hangar is the large tan building on the right; use the entry door at the brick walkway that runs from the terminal parking lot.

Can't wait for our next meeting?  (Can't blame you!)

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Every Saturday morning, FPA has informal "Hangar Coffee" sessions (see our Calendar) where FPA pilots and guests meet at our hangar for coffee, donuts, and talking about all kinds of flying.  Many of the hangar coffee pilots are involved with our Eagles Program.So - you could come to our next FPA Hangar Coffee this coming Saturday from 8 to 9:30 AM to get the scoop about the Eagles Program.

2. If Saturday mornings don't work for you, then maybe another day?  One of our Eagles Program pilots will be happy to meet with you at the FPA hangar.

3. Our monthly Tuesday meetings (see our Calendar) are a great opportunity to get started on the journey.  Second Tuesday of every month; cookout at 6 PM and meeting at 7-9 PM.  Please join us then!

Whatever way works for you, please squawk our Eagles Program Manager, Mark Estabrook, ahead of time so we can be sure to make it worth your while… we'll take it from there.

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